Pizza Romana in Amsterdam West

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the world, nowadays it’s almost impossible to find a town or city that does not have pizza.  People often think that pizza means ‘fast food’, ‘street food’, ‘hangover food’ or worse still, ‘junk food’!  But that does not mean that all pizzas are the same, far from it!  We consider our pizza as a quality dish, quality coming from our 20 years of experience, our fresh, authentic Italian ingredients and our patient handcrafted method.


We are lovers of excellence and quality, we put all our passion into making proper authentic, thin, crispy “roman” pizzas.  We lovingly prepare every single pizza to give our customers a wonderful sensory experience, joy for your eyes, a beautiful smell and delicious taste.  Our goal is to bring “autentica pizza romana” to Amsterdam, using Roman handcrafted pizza making traditions.


MOZZICO in our dialect means “bite”.  We have a popular saying, “la vita è un mozzico” (life is a bite, life’s too short, carpe diem in latin), which figuratively wants to encourage people not to waste their time.  So don’t waste yours eating a bad quality pizza!




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