What is the origin of a delicious pizza?


What makes it really tasty?

There are several ways of making a pizza taste special, and if you are going to ask ten different pizza bakers, you will probably get eleven different answers!

In our opinion, what really makes the difference is based on three things:

  • fresh ingredients;
  • preparing the dough and respecting it’s rising process;
  • baking time and temperature.

We only use highly selected ingredients from Italy. Everything (from the yeast to the mozzarella to the tomatoes etc) is personally chosen in order to provide the best products on the market.  We want to create the so called “synergy of taste” which is the magic formula to be able to give the experience of a pizza made with passion and dedication.

All this, plus the baking process, made roman pizza famous in its home town and in the rest of the world.

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We consider our pizza as a quality dish, quality coming from our 20 years of experience, our fresh, authentic Italian ingredients and our patient handcrafted method.

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